Mysterious graffiti sparks rumours of new Banksy on Hayes bridge

The artwork appeared under a bridge over the Grand Union Canal in Hayes.The original artist is unclear but some residents who saw it say the comparison to work of famous graffiti artist Banksy was remarkable.Banksy is an anonymous street artist who is arguably one of the most famous graffiti artists alive.

His work often features scathing social and political commentary.The new graffiti Hayes has also been covered by a piece of perspex, seemingly to protect it.Richard Reade, who spotted the graffiti underneath Dawley Road, believed it was the council who put the perspex up but this has not been confirmed.

Mr Reade told MyLondon: “It took no time for the council to put a Perspex screen over it with a message underneath.”They didn’t say it was a Banksy but why else would they protect street art?

The works will only be available to buy online from a website that the artist says, “will open shortly, then crash, then open again”Here’s how much in business rates Banksy was charged to open a shop in Croydon

“A passerby seemed quite knowledgeable and was certain it was a Banksy pointing to the trademark AK47s, girl with a balloon on the left hand side and the rat on the right.Seemed very Banksy. But it might not be.”

West London residents were excited with one posting on a local community Facebook group: “That’s awesome.”Another said: “Would be worth a fortune though if you could dismantle it and sell it.”

Others were more sceptical saying,: “As impressive as it is, I’d be surprised if it was an original.”Banksy tends to come up with new concepts, not recreate ones he’s already done elsewhere.”Another user said it more bluntly: “As if.”

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